“All about maximizing value for space users...”

Frank A. Witt & Associates help organizations acquire profitable and sustainable space so they can both save money and provide their employees with productive and desirable working environments. We work exclusively with users of office and industrial real estate; we represent no property owners, nor do we attempt to lease or sell any properties. (In the vernacular of commercial real estate we are known as “tenant representatives,” often shortened to “tenant reps.”)

The essence of our business is making sure that our clients get answers to their most pressing questions when considering the lease or purchase of office or industrial space:

Will the property effectively serve both our current and future needs?
How can we prevent unpleasant surprises?
What is the right price, or asked another way, how do we avoid paying too much?

Our services can generally be described as searching for suitable buildings for lease or purchase, evaluating those buildings deemed most desirable, and subsequently negotiating the acquisition of that building (or space within it) which offers the greatest value to the user. We also provide such related services as renegotiating existing leases, arranging “build-to-suits,” and auditing of expenses passed through to tenants.

We designed this web site to give the office or industrial space user insight into several factors that are key to maximizing value, and to present considerations not often brought out by providers of corporate real estate services. We hope you find the material useful and thought-provoking. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any of the material presented.